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Ticketing and Registration

We provide tailored ticketing and registration solutions that suit small venues and promoters, right through to VIP loyalty and event programs for major companies.
All pages have a unique URL and are designed to align with your branding, ensuring a smooth and consistent booking experience.


Fulfilling real tickets, and VIP packages is a great way to elevate the customer experience. Our mail-house, capable of processing up-to 10,000 individual packages per day, uses either regular, express, or registered post to send items. All packages can be customised with personalised letters, and details relevant to your customer.

Design and Development

With a long history of designing & developing customised websites, digital communication assets and event products, our in-house design team understand the fundamental importance of maintaining brand identity, while producing exciting and interesting work.

Database and Communication

You can access your customer database anytime, or use the built in tools to communicate information about your events and offers.

Customer Service

Our team are dedicated to making sure all customers have the best experience possible when making a booking, and that our clients (that's you), have a hassle free experience, too.

Entry Scanning

We designed our entry scanning system to be an efficient, easy method of getting your ticket-holders into the event, quickly. It is simple, foolproof, and (almost) anyone can operate it.

Guest Lists

Our system generates live guest lists, which will display any information given by attendees. Guest lists can be downloaded, printed or accessed via our web-based app; which allows you to check in guests electronically – and even trigger emails thanking them for their attendance, or asking for feedback.

Reporting and Data

Our detailed reporting system gives you live access to a range of data including sales figures, event entry data, and ticket allocations. Booking reports can be scheduled to land in your inbox as frequently as you like, and deeper analytics reports can be set-up with your Account Manager.

SnapTech Passes

In a world of technology, sometimes it's nice to have something to keep. Our SnapTech passes offer a simple way for customers to redeem offers, by 'snapping' off the redeemable section. They also serve as a souvenir to keep your brand hanging in your customer's home for years to come. Used for tours including Prince, Coldplay, and King Kong – it's an easy way to make every customer feel like a VIP.

Allocated Seating

Our seating module is designed to allocate sequentially, in order to minimize gaps and unfilled seats. Set up as many pricing categories as required, and allocate seats efficiently and easily.


Capture as much, or as little information as you wish during the registration process, with our dynamic and completely customisable registration forms.

Social Media

Easily share events with your friends via social icons on ticketing pages, and in confirmation emails.